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Why You Should Age In Place Instead of Move to a Nursing Home

September 1 2019

Seniors have a big decision to make for the later years in life.  Does it make more sense to move to an assisted living facility or to renovate the home that you've made countless memories in to prepare for aging in place?  Below we've outlined the main reasons why you should stay in the comfort of your own home:

Aging in place is cheaper

Let's face it, nursing homes are expensive.  The average annual cost to live in a nursing home is $82,000, while assisted living situations are quite a bit cheaper at $43,000 a year. 

After the age of 65, most seniors have already paid off the mortgages on their homes which makes the concept of aging in place an easier option.  It's also important to note that Medicare won't cover long-term living arrangements in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  Medicare only covers the cost of a nursing home for the first 100 days and only if you are admitted straight from the hospital.  On the contrary, Medicare will cover in-home care on a part-time basis.  This includes nursing care and home-health care.  Finally, when you stay in your own home you will have friends and neighbors nearby ready to assist you when needed.

Keep Your Independence

If there's one thing most seniors agree on, it's that they don't like being reminded that they're old.  Seniors want to be able to perform everyday tasks without the assistance of others.  Having a nurse help you in the bathroom, feed you, and perform other day-to-day tasks for you can be quite demeaning.  Preparing your home for aging in place allows you to keep your independence through the later years in life.  Renovations such as installing bathroom grab bars, shower seats, and incorporating smart home technology can give you the safety and security you need without sacrificing independence.

Aging in place helps keep Your Memories And Your HAPPINESS

One of the most terrifying things for seniors and their families, aside from dying, is the deterioration of their memory.  Moving to a new living situation, (particularly a nursing home or assisted care facility) is shown to worsen the severity of memory loss.  Being able to keep your social network & neighbors around helps to lessen the speed of memory loss as you age.  Research has shown that seniors with regular social activity levels notice a 70% reduction in this rate. 

Familiarity has also been proven to lessen the effects of Alzheimer's and memory loss as you age.  Staying in the comfort and familiarity of your own home allows you to remember the smells, sounds, and sights that will keep you connected cognitively.

Stay In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Remember the saying "there's no place like home"? This is quite literally the case when deciding if you should make a permanent move. Whether it be your favorite couch that you watch TV and movies on, the living room you’ve spent quality family time in, or the kitchen table that you've eaten countless meals at, having to make the switch to a sterile or unfamiliar environment is not ideal. To make such a significant change this late in life is something most seniors dread. 


Here at CSI Bathware, we help individuals prepare their homes for aging in place with our high-quality bathware products.  Whether it be grab bars for your bathroom, hand-held showers or shower seats, we are there with you every step of the way to provide you with the safety and security you need. 

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